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Be Happy

Hey loves! It’s Monday and I’m here to start your week off right by spreading the joy. I have so many things to be thankful for. Instead of complaining that it’s Monday I’m choosing to be happy.

 Today’s message is simple; be happy.

Last week I discussed my takeaways from the fabulous Werkprayslay. If you missed it check it out here. The first takeaway was Be intentional. One thing I intentionally did all last week was staying positive, no matter what was thrown my way.  I’ve had a different perspective on how I perceive things lately, and recognize the importance of remaining balanced.

 I am human and I do allow things that are unforeseen to threw me off my game. I know I’m not alone in this scenario. Why is it that when things don’t go according to plan we freak out? Regardless of the curveball life throws at you have to power to choose have you react. I’ve tested this theory out all week. Instead of focusing on how things did not go my way, or I did not get the results I was hoping for I stayed positive. I wasn’t fixated on the things that went wrong, I shifted my focus to everything else I had to be happy about.

For example last week one of my coworkers were out and there was no sub. My teammates and I had to split her class for the day. Now I already have 21 students and with the additional students, we split I was at 27 for that day. Instead of focusing on how I would have an overcrowded classroom I tweaked all my lessons to include the additional students and incorporated a lot of technology and movement to keep everyone engaged and on task. Had I had chosen to whine and complain about the number of students in my room I’m sure I would’ve had a very hectic, and frankly shitty day. Instead, I focused on the inclusion of the students and we had a ball.

In closing when your mind is playing that pessimistic view trick on you here is an affirmation to keep you on track:

Thanks for reading. Stay Selfish.

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