Bucket List Adventures: A True Jamaica Experience
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Bucket List Adventures: A True Jamaica Experience

About a year ago I was getting my entire life in Jamaica!I had the opportunity to stay for one week. I was able to travel all over the island spending time in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril. I traveled to Jamaica with my family and we stayed at a beautiful villa in Ocho Rios for the duration of the stay. Our villa included a main house, pool house, and a cottage house totaling six bedrooms. Aside from the pool, there were stairs that led straight into the ocean for swimming.We were blessed with a driver, who took us on all of our adventures and also two chefs who prepared the best Jamaican meals. I would recommend staying in a villa instead of staying at an all inclusive hotel. I believe staying at the villa and being able to interact with our driver, and chefs we were able to truly experience the culture and not being confined to one area. Check out all my pictures from my adventure below. This is my Bucket List Adventures: A True Jamaica Experience.


Our dining room

I visited the famous Rick’s Cafe.



Swam with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove.


I held a giant stingray at dolphin cove
I ate at The Scotchies Resturant

Last, but definitely, not least I conquered one of my fears and swam in the ocean.

Thank you to SunVillas Experience for showing my family and I a wonderful time.

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  • Cierra

    Love the post! I hope I have the same culture experience when I go to Hawaii but me and my girls are staying on a resort!

  • David-Hugues Anemon

    This is beautiful. I’ve been to Jamaica and I didn’t have as much fun. I stayed in Kingston. It was a semi-business and semi-pleasure trip. I did go to Ocho Rios and ate there. I will definitely stay at a villa at Ocho Rios next time. Thanks for sharing. It’s helped getting my thoughts together about my next trip.