Selfish Life

Happy 1st Blog Anniversary

Last year I decided I wanted to become a blogger. I teamed up with the most amazing mentor (@iampriiincesss) I could possibly find and began prepping and planning. I was so excited to share my stories, knowledge, and lifestyle with the world. My how time flies. It’s been one hell of a year and I am proud to say Happy 1st Blog Anniversary to my blog, myselfishlifestyel.com I want to share with you five things I’ve learned throughout this journey to becoming a blogger.

1. Organization

Being organized will save you so much time. Initially when I began blogging my goal was to put out three blog post a week. I knew what days I wanted my blog post to go live but I struggled to organize my post. I often found myself writing my blog post the night before or the morning of. Talk about stressful. Somedays when my creative juices are flowing it worked but eventually, it caught up to me and I hated feeling rushed. I began to draft my blog post a week before and that definitely elevated a lot of stress and pressure.

2. Consistency is key

Be consistent, be consistent, be consistent. Consistency is STILL a skill I am mastering. The beginning is easy, just like any other project you’re pumped and ready to go. As time goes by you get comfortable; never get too comfortable. I would take hiatus when I deemed necessary, but I never informed my subscribers so they were left hanging wondering what’s up with Whit? Recently I’ve been dealing with my pregnancy. I wasn’t posting and one person reached out to me in my inbox and asked what was going on? She loved reading my post and I realized I let not only her down and if she notcied than so did others. Don’t let the fire die down ever! Whenever I’m about to get off my game I go look at Will Smith’s Instagram (if you haven’t check it out). He never misses a beat.

3.  Marketing

Promoting myself is also something I’m trying to get better at. It sounds so easy to do but trust me I am definitely my own worst enemy at times. Figuring out ways to keep your audience engaged and tuned in is not textbook.  I definitely like to blog about things I love and have solid knowledge of but I also I have to tie in things that are current with the outside world. It’s easy to get on social media and post random things but making sure my posts are relevant to my brand, and cohesive are key.

4. Growth

Never be afraid to show growth in your brand. This time last year I was single, in Vegas having the time of my life, promoting my first book. Fast forward I’m pregnant with twins, obtained a Master’s degree, working on the re-release of my first book, and working on rebranding my blog. One of the most beautiful things about my blog is my transparency. My subscribers know I will provide my truth and promote positivity and love. As I change my blog has to change in some aspects as well. Everyone loves to see people grow in their profession. Don’t be afraid to switch things up as your grow.

5. Remember your Why

If you were to ask me why I began this blog my answer was, I wanted to uplift and empower women. I wanted to teach women that being selfish isn’t always a negative thing, self-care is essential to living a well balanced successful life. Reflecting on this answer I have to ask myself; am I still maintain that same Why? Do my post showcase that or am I all over the place? Defining your why in whatever it is that you do will help guide your path.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed, liked, commented, completed interviews, and shared my blog. I love and appreciate you all. Cheers to one year down and many more to come.

Thanks for reading. Stay Selfish.