If I had the Opportunity to Talk to the Younger Version of Myself
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If I had the Opportunity to Talk to the Younger Version of Myself

Last week on my Instagram in honor of  #talktuesday I posed the following question,

“If you had the opportunity to talk to the younger version of yourself what would you say?”

I received some great comments from various woman all of whom I felt made valid points. If I had the opportunity to talk to the younger version of myself I would say the following things to her:

Dear Whitni,

Hey girl! I’m writing this letter because there are some things that I wanted to tell you. For starters, you didn’t accomplish anything that you said you would; you accomplished so much more. You will travel an unconventional path, but you’re going to get there. I want you to remember all of these things as you continue to grow:

1.) Don’t be afraid to MOVE ON

Bag lady you gone hurt your back….Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go. Please leave all those toxic people, things, and energy behind you. No point of dragging it with you because it will drag you down in the end. Cutting ties is very hard for you because you have a big heart and you love hard.  However, you come first and if it’s hurting you it’s not helping you. Trust me there’s much better, healthier relationships and environments available. Some people will get left behind on your journey, and it’s okay. Never be afraid to leave the past in the past.

2.) Have Confidence

Walk with your head held high, and your shoulders back, remember mom always told you that. You are stronger than you know. All the tools you need, you have already been equipped with. Believe in yourself. Nobody else is going to root for you like you root for you. So go out there with you head held high no matter the situation. Exude confidence.

3.) You don’t have to have it all figured out

I know you feel as if you have to have it all figured out by the time you graduate high school and turn 18. This is such a false reality.  It’s perfectly fine not to know what you want to do in life yet. You’re still developing and finding your niche. Live A LOT! You don’t have to commit to anything just yet; uncertainty is a good thing. Follow whatever interests you, whatever you’re curious about. Lead with your heart. You’ll get to your destination. Slow and steady wins the race.

4.) Listen to Mom and Dad

I hate to break it to you Whit, but Mom and Dad were right. Of course, they weren’t 100% right about everything, but a solid 90% of the things they told you were accurate. You’re blessed to have parents that are willing to help and support you in your time of discovery. Believe it or not, people don’t have this option to rely on their parents if something goes wrong. Don’t be embarrassed or feel ashamed that they want to help you. Take advantage of this! They’ve got your back more than anyone else. Now they’re help is going to come with several lectures, but instead of ignoring them sit down and take notes. Oh and by the way Mom and Dad are proud of you.

5.) You’ll get through this

Some days are going to be very rough. You won’t want to get out of bed, you’re going to lose some friends, that guy you’re obsessed with will break your heart, your bank account will see some negative days. Trust me Whit, it’s not the end of the world.  I know it feels like everything is crashing down on you and how could life possibly go on, but it does go on. Everything gets better with time.

6.) Be Selfish

Put your needs, desires first. You come first. Do not forget that.

Life is all about learning lessons. You never really lose Whit, you either win or learn.

Love You.





Thanks for reading. Stay Selfish

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  • Mariah Thompson-Bills

    You are so right! Alot of times we don’t know our worth and we give up so fast, because things don’t work out the way we want. I wished I would have known these things back then, but this all comes with maturity.