My Self-Destructive Super Power
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My Self-Destructive Super Power

Hey loves! I’m back plugged in.

Today’s post is inspired by my mentor Koereyelle.  One of the things that’s very therapeutic to me is listening to Koereylle’s masterclasses. There are so many benefits of being apart of her mentee program but the Mindset Masterclasses always speak to my soul.

This week on the werkaholic couch we are discussing my self-destructive super power.

As I was listening to the masterclass Koereylle posed the question, “What is your Self Destructive Super Power?”; What belief, habit, or limiting thing that stands in your own way. Let me tell you something I know for a fact I have SEVERAL self-destructive superpowers. My number one self-destructive superpower is learning when to move on. I can admit I love to stay within my comfort zone and it is hindering my growth.

I know you’ve heard the saying some people are in your life for reasons and seasons; essentially people and things have an expiration date. Everyone isn’t meant to stick around forever. Personally, I have people around me I’ve known since childhood. The years you’ve known a person doesn’t determine or give them a lifetime access pass to your life. Don’t limit your circle based on childhood friendships. Eliminate the no new friends mentally and connect with others you may not know that share a common goal.

It’s necessary to make some room for new relationships in order to grow.

This also applies to careers and your choice of residence. Familiar doesn’t always make it the best choice. Do not get caught up working that job you hate just because you need the money or it’s convenient. You went to school and obtained a degree. I know you feel like you have to work within that field. Well, guess what? No, you don’t. Four years ago when you committed to a major you probably were in a different space. Things change, embrace it.  You do not have to limit yourself to only working in that degree field if you are no longer passionate about it. Hell, how many of us have gone to school and ended up finding a passion that’s the complete opposite.

Growing up in the same city all your life does not mean you’re destined to stay there unless that’s what you truly want. Travel, see the world. Stop telling yourself you’ll take that trip another time, or you’ll move in a few years. No time is better than the present. My overall goal to help combat this self-destructive superpower: Branch Out

Comment below and let me know what’s your self-destructing superpower?

Thanks for reading. Stay Selfish.