New-Aged School Supply List: Are Teachers Asking For Too Much?

New-Aged School Supply List: Are Teachers Asking For Too Much?

The inspiration for this blog came from a facebook status I  viewed on my timeline from one of my Facebook friends; who clearly is frustrated, and fed up with the school supply lists. I have her permission to share her post and she is aware I wrote this blog.  This is not to bash her, or anyone else that commented on this post. This blog post is to provide a different perspective and attempt to bridge a gap between parent and educator. New-Aged School Supply List: Are Teachers Asking For Too Much?

The post stated, the following:

“Attention teachers:: Dry erasers, Dry erase markers, Ear buds, Kleenex, Toilet tissue, Zip lock bags, Hand sanitizer, 100 pencils, 40 wide rule notebooks, 8 boxes of crayons, Primary color folders, Etc etc etc …. y’all better be lucky y’all get the damn child.When I was going to school all I needed was a book bag, pencils, and paper. I hate y’all new aged teachers. This status is not up for debate .”

As the comments rolled in I sat back and grabbed my bottle of water (cup of hot tea in my mind) because I was curious to see the comments this status would receive.


Here’s where I need you to put on your educator shoes and see things from our point of view. For starters why add another thing to the “blame the teacher” list? Why is it the teachers fault your children need supplies for school? In general, it’s time to stop blaming the teacher for everything you may not agree with or support.

This is not just a random list of items. Please keep in mind children are learning differently in this current day. Schools are attempting to adjust to meet the needs of children as much as possible. Some things may not make sense to you, but I’ll just pick a couple items from the list above to explain from a new age teacher point of view:

  • Dry erase boards and dry erase markers are an awesome tool to utilize in school. New millennial kids struggle greatly to keep their attention and this provides an interactive way of learning. This tool also helps me, as the teacher, quickly assess if my scholars are comprehending the material. For a real life, example go sit in on a lesson at your child’s school and watch the magic happen.
  • Ear buds. New-aged teachers are provided with new aged materials to reach your tech savvy child. My classroom is blessed with Chromebooks for each and every student to utilize. This is not your old school computer lab folks. I am actually able to assign real assignments to children that meet their individual academic needs. Earbuds help of course block out excess noise and keep the learning private for that student.
  • Pencils. Yes, the pencils will be shared with the classroom. Pencils are like socks, they are always disappearing into Never Never land. Even if your child has a pencil pouch the pencil will disappear sometime during that week. So if every day I’m putting out 20 plus pencils and receiving less than 20 back that means we’ve gone through how many pencils?

One of the comments that stuck out to me while I was educating myself lurking, the stated:

“Where are my tax dollars going? Why am I supplying a teacher supply list? Kleenex and dry erase markers should be factored into the budget.”

Great points and here are my answers to those questions:

How much of your tax dollars are really going to the school? I’d like to know the answer to this question myself. One of the number one things that get cut from government funding is PUBLIC EDUCATION. What budget is it that you speak of? I have not walked into my job and been told here you go you have this amount of money to spend on your scholars and your classroom. To be quite honest with you I can not even print out materials I need for my students without permission, that also has to be approved.  Why? Because schools are attempting to save money by cutting down on the amount of paper being utilized. Guess printing isn’t in “the budget”.

Kleenex/Tissue, and Hand sanitizers this is just hygiene folks. No explanation needed for the utilization of this in a classroom.

I’m unsure about a teacher supply list because the one I submit for myself looks TOTALLY different than the one I submit for parents. Teacher’s ask request things like working smart boards/Promethean boards, u-tables for small group work, non-wobbly desks/chairs, working air conditioning and heat. Pretty much stable working conditions for myself and my scholars.


At the end of the day, if I had the money myself I would purchase every single item, for every one of my 20 plus scholars in my classroom. But in reality, I don’t.  I’m not asking you to purchase the fancy notebook with the designs all over it or the most expensive set of headphones. I buy school supplies YEAR ROUND for my scholars, not just in July when these stores try to get you with their “school deals”.

The reality is I need your help and support. What I don’t need is you already upset with me or any other educator when the school year hasn’t even begun. In closing I’ll leave this picture; we spend so much time worrying and complaining about the little things. School supplies aren’t a big deal. I do not believe educators are asking too much of parents/guardians with the school supply list. You model for your child and instill what is important to them. Complaining about buying them things for school isn’t putting a positive image of returning back to school in their minds. If you have a question about an item on the supply list ask your child’s teacher why it is a necessity and I’m sure they will provide you with the answer.  If you truly need assistance with school supplies then ask and your child’s needs will be met.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”- Aristotle

P.S. If you’re interested here’s a teacher’s story about panhandling for school supplies. 

Thanks for reading. Stay Selfish