New Blog Alert: Welcome Everyone To The Selfish Lifestyle
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New Blog Alert: Welcome Everyone To The Selfish Lifestyle

New Blog Alert: Welcome Everyone To The Selfish Lifestyle. I am so excited to begin my journey as a blogger! I’ve always loved to write. I choose writing as one of my favorite forms of expression. I wanted to do a complete spin off of my book  26 & Selfish, and take you through my current life and show you what the word selfish means to me.

I recently wrote and published my first book entitled 26 & Selfish. My first published piece of work! This book gives you a look into my life from a young girl to a grown woman. Throughout my journey, I am finding my Self. I reflect over past mistakes, and failures and find inner peace and success, all on my terms.

I took the word Selfish and put a positive spin on it. We often see the word selfish defined as, one who lacks consideration of others and who is very egocentric. I use the word Selfish as a reminder that you have to stop neglecting yourself. Remember who you are, find your purpose, and figure out ways to partake in things that make you happy. Stop getting caught up in everyone else’s hype and focus on self. If you want to accomplish something you have to take the proper steps and do the work. I’ve learned the hard way that not being prepared and to take the short cut in the long run places you further back than where you started. Not having a plan can quickly backfire. As my mentor, Koereyelle says “Delayed doesn’t mean Denied”. Once you find who you are, and start taking that time for Self I guarantee your life will change for the better.

I hope you guys are ready to embark on this Selfish journey with me. I can guarantee there’s no place else like it. Welcome to the Selfish life.

Embrace your struggle, love your journey and understand your time will come. -Whitni

Thanks for reading. Stay Selfish.