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Selfish Saturday Spotlight: April Lopez Butta Natural Body Care

Happ Saturday loves! Today’s Selfish Saturday Spotlight focuses on April Lopez. April currently works as project manager for a major health insurance carrier by day and by night works as the CEO of Butta Natural Body Care. Butta Natural Body Care is an online natural bath and body care boutique. April’s  products are chemical free and promote self-care. Butta Natural Body Care first began operating in June 2017. April is also a single mother of four amazing children. Check out of interview below.

How did you get your start in the natural body/skincare industry?

I started my company based on a personal need. I have extremely dry skin and began searching for my own solution to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day. I began researching natural raw butters, essential oils, and other organic ingredients along with their benefits. With that information, I began making my own body butter and it just took off from there.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

I have worked in corporate America for over 20 years helping corporations grow richer. I decided that I want to put that same energy into securing the financial freedom for myself and my children. I have always wanted to work for myself and after years of thinking about it and constantly putting it off, I finally took the leap and created Butta Natural Body Care. I love being an entrepreneur because I have the chance to create something myself and see it grow from an idea to an actual product that helps people.

What challenges have you faced as a new business?

The biggest challenge I have faced is lack of support from people who I thought should have been my major supporters. When I started my company, many viewed it as a hobby and really did not take me seriously. As I continued my journey, I found that my mindset no longer matched that of many of the people that I associated with. This even included family. Coming to terms with that has been difficult for me, but has not deterred me from following my dreams.

What have you been able to do to overcome those challenges?

The number one thing that I have done was actually suggested to me by Koereyelle and that was to seek out like-minded people and groups who are of like mind. Since I really did not have much support and did not know a lot of people since I moved to Georgia, I looked for groups of other women who were in various stages of the entrepreneurial journey. I also sought out networking events where I could attend and meet other entrepreneurs. This has allowed me to get the support that I needed and also to meet and learn from some really incredible women along the way.

What are your top three favorite Butta products (I know you love them all)?

My body butters are my favorite overall, particularly the Macadamia & Shea Butta. The Skin Polisher facial mask and Himalayan Pink Salt & Rose bath salts round out the top three.

How is Butta Natural Body care unique?

I think we are unique because we not only utilize Shea butter (which is very popular with many brands), but we blend multiple raw butters, each with its own unique qualities, into our body butters and also most of our body scrubs. We offer generous quantities in our product packaging and we make it affordable to pamper yourself.

Who were your mentors along the way?

I think Koereyelle has played the largest role in mentoring me. I also look to Kyshira Moffett of HERmovement & Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics along with a few other women who are also in my industry and are doing great things. I love to watch these women and learn about their journeys and successes. They are always open and honest about the journey of entrepreneurship and the best thing is that they are accessible. Many people get to certain levels and make themselves inaccessible. I appreciate that I can reach out to any of these women and I will most certainly get a response from them.

What would you say to other female entrepreneurs who are contemplating following in your footsteps?

Do not give up. When you discover what you love to do and what you are called to do, do it and be consistent.  People will try to talk you out of it and discourage you. Tune that negative noise out. Surround yourself with positive people and unfortunately, those people may not be your family or friends and that is ok.

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