Selfish Saturday Spotlight: Ashley Gipson
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Selfish Saturday Spotlight: Ashley Gipson

This week’s Selfish Saturday Spotlight goes to Ashley Gipson from Nashville, Tennesse.

Selfish Saturday Spotlight: Ashley Gipson

I am super excited to kick off my Selfish Saturday feature. My first Selfish Saturday spotlight goes to Ashley Gipson. Ashley is the owner of  SelfishMe Boutique. SelfishMe Boutique is an online fashion store that promotes Fearless Style – Simplified! Her boutique is perfect for all my Selfish ladies out there. Check out our interview below.

Ashley launched SelfishMe Boutique, an online clothing boutique, in January of this year.Her passion for fashion began when she was a child. Growing up Ashley took hed of her mother’s style and learned how a woman should present themselves. She was also influenced by her favorite boutique Studio615, located in downtown Nashville. Ashley stated, “Darnice (store owner) having a black-owned business in downtown is big.” She was also influenced by one of our favorite girl bosses Sophia Amoruso.

SelfishMe Boutique is unique because Ashley believes, as do I, that every woman deserves a day to be selfish.

The pieces she carries speak for themselves and help to accentuate every woman. All her clothing is wearable for ALL women. Before launching Ashley faced some adversities. She tried to reach out to others in the fashion industry for guidance and received no responses. “It was a blow to my confidence and what I was trying to build.”

Though initially, she did not have any mentors one-moment helped shift her focus and kick her dreams into reality. This time last year Ashley attended the werkprayslay conference. It was here that she was able to meet and speak with fashion designer and buyer Nichole Lynel. Nichole spoke with Ashley and told her when speaking about her vision, “What are you afraid of?  Just do it”! And so she did.

Trying to find great vendors was another obstacle when searching for the right pieces for SelfishMe. Going online and going through different distributors and not getting the quality severed as another hurdle. Shipping returns meant taking a financial loss at times in order to find the perfect vendors”If I’m not going to wear it I’m not going to buy it.”

Ashley ended up being the face of her brand through circumstance. “Being able to find models; a model that will commit, consistency and photography. That’s what helped me become my own model and photographer.” Ashley serves serious glamour and body goals as her own model.

Lastly, I asked Ashley, what’s the #1 piece of advice you would give anyone wanting to work in your industry? Ashley provided us with some solid advice.

“I truly would like for women to know regardless of what their passion is or feeling as if though there is no room for them one thing I would say is to trust in Yourself.”

Be sure to check out SelfishMe Boutique, and keep up with all the new arrivals and hottest fashions on Instagram @selfishmeboutique.

“I believe is made beautiful in every way and you can go away with a smile and makes all women feel beautiful.”

-Ashley Gipson

Thanks for reading. Stay Selfish.