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    5 takeaways from February’s Book of the Month

    It’s hump day!! I wanted to check in with you all and give you 5 takeaways from February’s book of the month, The Forty-Day Word Fast. 1.  Our mouths reveal whats in our hearts No matter if you are angry, sad, or under the influence your words stem from inside. When we say things like, “Oh I was just upset” or “I didn’t really mean what I said,” that’s not true.  Our words are attached to a feeling that’s been lingering on the inside. Whatever you’re feeling if its inappropriate don’t hold on to it. Do not allow negative thoughts consume you to the point you’ll explode and end up regretting…

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    Be True To You

    This week my focus is on reflecting on my past, present, and future. For the sake of becoming a better me, I’ve decided to reflect on different moments, that will continue to drive me towards achieving my goals this year. Today’s reflection is one of the past. This reflection is a reminder to be true to you. On this particular weekend, I had the pleasure of checking out Eddie B’s comedy show with my fellow educators. For those of you that don’t know, Eddie B is a teacher turned comedian. He takes his show on the road during the weekend and his target audience is, you guessed it, TEACHERS! He has sold out…

  • My Self-Destructive Super Power
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    My Self-Destructive Super Power

    Hey loves! I’m back plugged in. Today’s post is inspired by my mentor Koereyelle.  One of the things that’s very therapeutic to me is listening to Koereylle’s masterclasses. There are so many benefits of being apart of her mentee program but the Mindset Masterclasses always speak to my soul. This week on the werkaholic couch we are discussing my self-destructive super power. As I was listening to the masterclass Koereylle posed the question, “What is your Self Destructive Super Power?”; What belief, habit, or limiting thing that stands in your own way. Let me tell you something I know for a fact I have SEVERAL self-destructive superpowers. My number one self-destructive superpower is learning…

  • Get Out Of Your Way
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    Get Out Of Your Way

    Last Monday I discussed the importance of recognizing your individual beauty. If you missed it check it out here, Today’s message is about getting out of your own way. People ask me frequently,” How long did it take you to write your book?” To be quite honest it didn’t take me long to write it at all; at tops maybe a month. I’ve always loved to write and I’ve always been a determined person. “I see it, I work hard I grind till I own it.”-Beyonce Even though it didn’t take me long to write the book, I sat on it for two years. Believe it or not, I completed 26…

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    Searching For Self: An Adoptee’s Search For Identity Part 1

    I’ve been on my Selfish journey for a couple years now and  I had to address an important issue in my life. I felt it was time to revisit an important piece of my life I’ve tried to ignore for a while. When I was about 5 years old my mother told me I was adopted. She told me she saw me one afternoon on News Channel 5 when I was an infant during the segment where children need homes. I remember my response was “I’m not from here?” My mother has always read to me and I believe this is where I get my love of reading from. She…

  • How Selfish Are You?
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    How Selfish Are You?

    Being Selfish was something I struggled with for a while. I used to take on the needs of others, and end up neglecting myself. My time, energy, and money were going into anything and everything.  I would always go above and beyond for others and receive little in return which is very draining. While I was taking care of others my self-care gauge was definitely working well past the empty sign. I had to take a step back and realize it’s okay to support and uplift others, HOWEVER, I cannot pour from an empty cup. I had to get me together. Remember you pay yourself first, not just financially, but also mentally,…