Selfish Life

The Purge

Hey loves! If you’re subscribed to my blog its Day 2 of the 30 Day Self Care Challenge. It is time for The Purge.

The 2018 Purge has commenced.

It’s time to eliminate all the unnecessary things. My top two things on my personal agenda for my purge today, include my closet and paperwork. I’m going to go inside my horrific closet and purge. All the clothes that do not fit or I no longer feel interested in I’m bagging up and donating to charity. Second I’m going to go through my files and shred all unnecessary papers and mail. The access notebooks and papers have been trashed. The third task I kind of cheated and started before the new year. Unsubscribing from emails!!

I’ve spent hours, days literally hitting that unsubscribe button from dozens of websites. There is an art to unsubscribing. First, you have to play hide and seek to find the unsubscribe link. Sometimes the link to unsubscribe is pronounced and sometimes it like a wild goose chase. When you find the link it takes you to the actual website. Now you have to be sure to have your reading glasses because the website link tries to trick you.

Once you arrive at the website it will try to get you to stay (begging) by providing you with options to stay in your life. They say things like, “Receive fewer emails”, “Only receive emails once a month”, “Only receive emails about important things”, so on and so forth.Now if you don’t catch this option you’re still subscribed. Then you click you want to unsubscribe then you have to provide a reason. Lord, please help. After you select or write your own reason you finally you have one last hurdle. They present you with the “Are you sure you want to subscribe option.” Yes, I want to unsubscribe damnit. Then here’s the last and finally burn:

“You have been unsubscribed please give us 5-10 business days to process.”

I find the unsubscribing process very relatable to my last piece of purging; people. Its hard to relinquish some people from your life but recognize that people have expiration dates in your life. Some people are just like those annoying emails; not really interested in your well being, but solely interested in benefiting from you.  Some people are like those “Hey, we miss you emails, take 15% off”. These people appear in the form of random lunch/dinner/drink dates, but the conversation holds no substance. Finally are those people that know you want to unsubscribe but make it difficult to cut them off. Even after you’ve told them the relationship is over they still call, follow you on social media, comment on every post. These are the people that need to be blocked.

Remember it’s important to protect your peace. No matter if its an article of clothing, old mail, or people eliminate the things that you no longer have room for. Free your mind and space so its open for the new opportunity and blessings coming your way. Enjoy the purge.

Thanks for reading. Stay Selfish.