Whitni's Favorite Things
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Whitni’s Favorite Things

Christmas time is near! I’m going to follow in the steps of my favorite Aunt, Auntie Oprah that is, and share with you all a list of Whitni’s Favorite things. I’ve included everything from beauty, health, technology, apps, and books. Check out my list below.

Plot, Plan, & Get Paid

Image result for plot plan and get paid

Ready to get organized for the new year? This planner will whip you right into shape. The plot, plan, and get paid planner has definitely helped me be more intentional and goal specific. Shout out to the Werk queen Koereyelle. Purchase your planner here .

Valley Jay Lashes

I naturally have some pretty long lashes, but a girl doesn’t mind a nice pair of lashes to finish off that dramatic look. Valley Jay cosmetics offer the best high-quality lashes and the best part is they can last for up to 25 wears. Grab your lashes here.

Me wearing Angelic

Calm app

The calm app is very helpful for my anxiety, meditation, and getting to bed on time. Bonus for any educators you can utilize the all of the app’s features for free!

Body Butta


Butta Body natural skin care was featured in my Selfish Saturday Spotlight. I just can’t get enough of their products. My skin has transformed from dry, scaly, and ashy to smooth and healthy. I recommend the Selfish Body Box which includes 3 of our body butters formulated with raw butters. Get your Selfish Body Box here

Closure’s provided Pure Clarity Hair


I have natural hair. I love my natural hair, but I also love hair extensions.  When I choose to rock my hair extensions I always choose Pure Clarity Hair.  I utilize a closure with my sewins in order to help to protect my natural hair. Closures provide me with a natural looking sewin and I do not have to worry about the heat damage to my natural hair. Pure Clarity has the best quality hair and my personal favorite is the platinum straight collection. Check out all the closure options here.

Me wearing 18 inch closure and three bundles of 22 inch Platinum Straight


Roku app

Cable was on my list of things that I no longer spend money on. Instead of purchasing a firestick I utilize the Roku app on my TV. The Roku app has everything I need for much cheaper than cable. The best part I only watch what I’m interested in.

Beyond Meat

The past few months I’ve tried hard to stop eating meat. I’m taking it day by day. But one of my favorite meat substitutes is Beyond Meat. It is plant based and trust me it’s delicious. The burger and beef crumbles are my favorite and they even offer chicken options. Click here to check out which grocery store sells beyond meat in your city.

Sweet Spot

While everybody was mad at Dove for their controversial commercial I was busy utilizing Sweet spot body wash. Sweet spot utilizes natural ingredients and helps keeps a woman’s pH balanced. To learn more about the company click here.

Posh Candle Co.

I’m obsessed with candles and their scent. My favorite thing about Posh Candle Co is not only the scent, but the voice Posh puts into the company.  Their candles come with some of the best lyrical sayings to fit your individual personality. Check out their selection here.

mystrength app

This tool is related to assisting with your mental health. This website provides you with resources and tools to help with managing depression, controlling anxiety, reducing stress, improving sleep, and much more. The best part is it’s FREE!!! All you have to do is create an account. Sign up here. 

26 & Selfish

I’m closing my favorite things list out with my book 26 & Selfish. This was an awesome accomplishment for me and I believe in my story. This story is for everyone who is trying to find who they are and needing to learn how to be more Selfish. Grab your copy here.

Thanks for reading. Stay Selfish.